Quality Policy

Unitek management sees people as the most important source and value with the awareness of that the most important need is people despite they had the technology that the construction industry reached today, improved work machines and materials. 

The primary principles of our company that we have improved based on our professional ethics are as follows:

  • To complete the projects with an understanding that prioritizes the customer’s satisfaction, in the desired quality and at the requested time. 
  • To work without compromising its engineering knowledge and disciplines.
  • To apply ‘Quality Management System’s’ criteria and improve the system in accordance with the project’s needs.
  • To reduce the negative effects of our activities on people and environment to a minimum level. 
  • To create a team who has professional ethics and business compassion by creating a sense of belonging among employees.
  • To pay attention to the contracts, specifications and legal regulations.
  • To create good relations with the local administrators and local community, be sensitive to their demands, to prioritize health and safety of environment and human.