Ongoing Projects

Electromechanical Works of the Tunnels of Deriner Dam

Artvin - Erzurum Road:
 * Electromechanical Works of Tunnels :  RT1 (1172mt), RT2 (870mt), RT3 (468mt), RT4  (2280mt)
 * Electromechanical works of Tunnels: 
Ardanuç 1 (360mt), Ardanuç 2 (370mt), Ardanuç 3 (890mt), Berta (175mt)
* Road Lighting between the T1 Tunnels and the entrance of Artvin industry zone.
* Road Lighting of Şengan, Yagcilar Viaduct
* Road Lighting of Ortaköy & Berta Viaducts

DSİ (Republic of Turkey General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works)
10.04.2015 - 26.09.2017